Saturday, March 7, 2009

An Ideal Women's Day....

PINK!!! It took me a few moments to realize why my otherwise classy-looking copy of Times Life is giving me a headache. The top left read “8th March, 2009”. Our leading ladies stand there, wearing the designer couture, staring at me…so confident, so perfect on the front page of this edition of “International Women’s day”.

Except for the 50% discount deals at major shopping destinations, nothing really managed to hold my interest. It was the usual – Shoba De’s sharp and acerbic work on feminism, Bachi Kakaria’s attempt to tickle you with “The Pink Chaddi campaign” , Neeta Ambani’s lifetime achievement on “the art of balancing” and some other powerful single women talking about “how being single is not equal to being lonely/unhappy”!!!

Year after year, the same handful of women – tries to create an illusion of how we have “progressed”. I am not a feminist (much against the popular belief), all I can’t do is register the “differences” between two human beings …Something which is so conveniently woven into the minds of many around me.
Celebrating days like these is nothing but an exercise in futility. Days like these are a consolation for some, and a joke for some like me.

As we (me and my girlfriends) embarked on our shopping voyage, we spoke about the concept of women’s day . We gave our grey cells a break….And came up with an ideal(and funny) version of “An Ideal women’s day” …8 points for an ideal 8th March…njoy

1. A day when instead of “kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi” , there’s a demeaning show called “sasur bhi kabhi jamai tha”!!

2. A day when men are supposed to look "fresh" and smell "nice" after 10 hours of work, when they come back home to their wives/girlfriends.

3. A day when we can see men cutting “bhindi” balancing themselves on the fourth seat of the Mumbai local trains, after a long day at work.

4. A day when the mommies of our dear co-bachelors do not have the right to filter the girls photographs for marriage…and instead this privilege rests with our mommies.

5. A day when a 26 year old boy starts worrying about his wrinkles, and pimples, and myopia …in short – a prospective groom. (Oops bride).

6. A day when bachelors wear sherwanis and a fa├žade of being “culturally appropriate” ( and in some cases also sing a song…lol) while visiting a girls house with a marriage proposal.

7. A day when the tradition of serving bed tea at 5 in the morning is abolished by law.

8. A day when guys are not intimidated by girls who are “smarter” than them [:P] .