Saturday, November 6, 2010

abStracT SpeAk

Fragrances are brutal, they follow me everywhere
Barge in from nowhere , reminds me of someone and quickly fades away
It fades and fades, then stings me sharply to remind me of her-
The nights when i tasted her darkest secrets, the days of a lonely girl
Wish i could bottle this - make the hatred a lil sweet, i wish i could break it into pieces...n search for the real me..

I was her dearest, i so fell in love
Rested on her neck...her skin..i always mistook for fur
Walked with her in the shimmering lights, longed for the moment to dangle and get a glimpse of her
I kept awake when she drifted to her dreams.. entangled in her curls
Heard every word that she promised others, every word so fake...
I chuckled to ones believing it , chuckled to her games
Never thought she will break me too...into pieces just like my heart
She dropped me off on a Tuesday morning, on the backseat of a car

Worthless and torn,
I now keep wondering if her heart was any softer than the peddles on this road...
There it comes- another glass, just as brittle as me, broken into pieces by an unkind heart, a new neighbour..another "me"

Late at night- numbed by the rain, hiGh on Our sorrows, high on our fate...

We walk back home- we both sing
Some call us her love...n for some "just her earings"...