Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May Be...

When one routine ends ...we simply dive into a new one. As I come back home this Friday night , I take a break from my cellphone ,e-mails and myself. The day I wait for every week is here - Tomorrow ,I can skip everything I hate – Waking up early, forcing my eyeballs accept polymers to see the world better, going through my “To-Do-List” on my way to the office and making it on my way back.

I stare at the city , so well framed by the window of my room - this is where I lose myself everyday amongst the thousands ….it’s still alive …colours, lights, savvy people ,the latest cars …the noise,the rush and the charade.

A New year in a new city, new roomies , new targets and a new role to play ….I wonder how it still is the same old struggle everyday to hit certain life targets that we all are so programmed to achieve - A secure job , a family back home and a hope that the years to come will be better.

I slept off , without managing an answer to the question I ask everyday --What if someone wants to miss the pre-planned targets ? May be one such impulsive Friday night holds the key to my question ….