Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Healthy delusion

I can safely term myself as a “very” rational person…won all my arguments with life with logic and logic alone. Calculative….even “mechanical” as some friends call me.
But there are times when logic fails or we intentionally show it the door. Something similar happened to me lately. The last month wasn’t the best of the times. I believe someone up there planned to shower all the awful things on me at once. Nothing major though but the minor ones were enough to dismantle my life….
As I mentioned earlier -I am far from having any sorts of beliefs in words like “destiny”, and the sciences which forecast or determine them in any way. However , ironically I believe it was my "destiny" that I happened to meet a distant cousin of mine who is incidentally an expert in this numerology (or some astrology , I don’t remember) business.
Just for some free of charge entertainment I asked him to give me some gyaan on the subject …. He instead as a businessman would do….hit right on the nail!!! “As you must be experiencing, your stars are not in the best of their moods”! BINGO! I wanted more ..He went on…. It seemed as if the chap has read my personal diary and this was enough to let my logic and rationality go down the drain.
The option to survive was only one- actually two- expensive stones on my fingers. Each of them with specific weight, colour, clarity quotient..the list goes on.
I spent some few thousands and lots of time and energy searching for my precious life-savers as per the specifications laid down..and finally landed with awkward looking , big stones which effortlessly manage to spoil the look of my manicured, delicate fingers ..
But to tell you the truth …I guess they are doing their work just fine… .(Though I know it’s my figment of imagination which is working..but never mind!). My intellect reprimands me for being unreasonable and my mind wants to believe in this entire drama…I want to consider the latter as of now.


isha said...

pooja this is all based on our psychology when things are going wrong and then someone comes and says the things will be like this if u do this and all blah blah and something right happend then we start believing that oh yes he was right i should do this and that...and i think something same happened here too.

pooja said...

:)..yes absoloutely ..the point as i wanted to make is we all may be v strong superficially , but somewhere we all go weak when the days are not full of sunshine and get trapped in non-rationality.

R3d3MpTioN said...

ahaan.. You are taking up topics which I have an opinion on so dn't mind if I end up writing comments which are as big as ur article itself..[:P]

Believe it or not.. Our mind does have the power to do the unthinkable. Perhaps that is why it is said that a doctor's magic lies more in the trust that his/her patient has on him than the medicines he prescribes.

I do believe in the power of stones for the simple reason that i've seen them work and the person who "prescribed" them had nothing to gain out of it. Secondly the stones have a certain scientific link as well. Ive read a few articles on them and seemingly they have some scientific value.

Most of the "astrologers" are well bullsh*tters, I realise that and that is why it is said that you should not be consulting random people.

But I realise that the above was not what this article demanded. There is this inherrent need that we all have. The need to believe in some external force that will effect changes in our lives which we humans cannot control. There is this concept of hope and we cling to that hope to clear out the mess we find ourselves in. If we find ourselves in a soup that hope might be either ourselves, someone we know or "someone up there". Luck as we like to call it is a representation of our hope. Everytime something happens we hope we get "lucky" this time and go scott free.. Now that luck wasn't in our control. What we smart humans have done is changed the source of that "luck" into something we control.. ie the stones.. we wear the stones and everything becomes alright, thus seemingly giving us more power over our destiny and boosting our self confidence.

Thus while I agree that wearing stones etc can be perhaps a little illogical as an concept.. but if it enables us to boost our self confidence to a level that we end up doing something which we might not have in a normal circumstance.. then why not..!!

pooja said...
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Nithya said...

i think we all act irrationally sometimes, not bcos we can't help but rather i think we want to. it helps us get answers to some unanswered questions and we feel we r in a safe territory.
it is like u leave ur tensions for the stones in ur hand to take care of. and since things do fall in place after some time, we feel the stones did the magic. i don't think it matters as long as we r not too supersitious. but that raises another question- who draws the lines???

Kakoli Mukherjee said...

hmm..I agree with isha..I think it all depends on the state of mind you are in at that time..if stones had the power to solve everything, then life would have been much simpler and people would have gone for extra fingers transplantation to put all the " lucky" stones..he he

Anonymous said...

U must b crazy "Pretty woman".....

Vivek Menon said...

Hmmm..it is a grey area definitely this astrology business...most of the roadside "astrologers" are frauds but there are some out there who seem to know what they are talking about..But i feel, whats the point in knowing the future or the reasons why things are happening to us...Will life be so surprising if we did??

And btw my post was actually written in a patriotic mood...Mebbe you missed out those parts. :-D

Ps: Can i add your blog to my list?

Cheers for now

pooja said...

@vivek..surely pls go ahead to add..
regd.your post ..i could see a dash of patriotism , it s more like jhumpa lahiri's writing if u have read ...