Wednesday, December 24, 2008

An Eve in Retrospection

My love for Christmas has been crafted by a mélange of memories. Having done my schooling in a Catholic School , spending a precious teenage year in a church hostel amongst grey habits and growing up with a multi-ethnic group of friends has made this day as much special for me as Diwali or Dushhera.
I can’t think of any other better time for Christmas to arrive - right at the end of the year to make you merry, no matter how the year behind had been. On this chilly winter night, the world drapes itself in beautiful red and green, dotted with the silver and shimmer.
This Christmas Eve, As I sit down to scribble some words , I couldn’t help but wonder about the 20 odd Eves that I have witnessed. Each phase has been different from the other. Each centered around a different set of people and places and around a different me. But if I had to choose the special Xmas Eves – they are the forgotten ones, tucked away in ancient times.
I must have been 8 years old . The school holidays used to start on 23rd Dec and it was ( the one and only ) day on which I never had a stomach/tooth/tongue ache or any such innovative anomaly , and I looked forward to get to the school.
Throughout our lectures , we waited for the Santa’s arrival .Especially after the recess , we grew more and more restless . Finally when we heard the Jingle bells approaching our classroom , each one got ready to run and grab the maximum number of goodies from the Santa. Now these were not expensive gifts – but just any other candies we already had an enormous stock of. But the joy of climbing up the wooden benches , screaming the jingles at top of our voices and seizing the maximum amount of those candies was a big big deal, then..
The real thrill, however started towards the evening, when I used to rush home and s and join my friends – on the terrace to make the wish-list. It was a task which involved a lot of consultation and racking of our little cerebrums.As a principle , we used to write only 3 wishes and reserve the rest for the next year . So after much calculations , I used to neatly write those essentials that I required to continue living – like say , a black pilot pen , a squeezee water bottle , complicated 15-door compass box ,sometimes evil spells for my teachers :P n pink lip sticks. The last one almost always featured on my list. These chits , were then inserted under our pillows.
My mom used to ask me over dinner, what I have jotted down and I proudly declared the list. She pretended to not listen to it very carefully, though.
I used to force myself to sleep off early on the Eve - worried what if Santa missed my home this year !But he was efficient - never missed a thing .Every Christmas morning gave me a reason to cheer . More than the fact that I have received my “pink” lipsticks – the fact that he had remembered to drop by , was my achievement.
As years passed, I realized who Santa was. My mom , who pretended not to hear my precious list used to fill the Christmas stockings with those gifts, every yr. Now that I look back , it feels such a stupid and such a wonderful gesture . Beautiful enough, that I shall remember it for the years to come.
Those were the years ,Xmas was simply beautiful and beautifully simple .Merry Christmas !


umangexuberance said...

you brought back all my memories of school.. I went to a convent school till class 6 and remember how Christmas celebration was what we used to look forward to all year..the whole cultural thing, and the jingles, and of course the best part was the little class parties we used to have, complete with songs dancing and all sorts of crazy games..
You really brought a smile out of the closet
Thanks :)

anuj said...

ho ho ho ..
uhu uhu uhu ..

Merry Christmas !!

so .. what do ya wan this yr?

pooja said...

@ umang ..yes i cnt agree more that those were the best of the days .:)
@ anuj ..hmm..well , the list is soooooo damn long , i dint consider writing it ..u see its greedy me , now ;).
Merry Xmas

Sarah Rahman said...

I loved reading your post, Pooja. It reminded me of the fun and frolic we had as children.

Wish you a very Happy New Year in advance.

Take care and stay blessed.

Priya said...

:) Moms and their unique ways!!!

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Vineeth John Abraham said...

Good.. Happy New Year

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to your girl :)

Keep writing, and hope to see you on my blog sometime soon.

Rajesh said...

Firstly I loved the title of ur blog 'BEAUTIFULLY BAFFLED'.. OXYMORONIC but on the positive front...thats what makes it beautiful..and it sounds an ALLITERATION.. Great!!

Coming to the post, it was lovely!!! Nostalgiuc to say the least!!! U rewinded me back to ma school days when we had good fun during X-Mas in school... those Fa-la-la-la songs...Choir etc etc..well.. I forgot one.. Delicious Cakes..Wow!!!

Count me a regular here

pooja said...

thnks every1..i m glad i cud get those memories bac 2 u ..state of nostalgia- the best state to be in !


the old times keep coming back...the time when we did the most stupid things...

but all that was sooo innocent...!!!

lovely write...

though at some places u have used short forms...

it robs the read of its bling...

but maybe that mite be ur style...

keep writing...