Saturday, April 14, 2012


Neither pain, nor a need to heal

Neither Life, nor a zeal to live

Neither love, nor a need to feel

Neither dead, nor afraid to decay

Neither truth, nor a reason to prove

Neither greed, nor an urge to dream

Neither smiles, nor a tear to drop

Neither silence, nor a word to seek

Neither past, nor a present to believe

Neither shadows, nor a memory to leave

Heartless, a heart without a beat…

this is u and this is me.


Raj said...

ouch. that steps on a soft spot and tramples it.

Ritu K. said...

I must say I'm falling in love wid ur work! Writer madame!!! Keep writing more frequently! Muuaahhh :) :)

sushant said...

Nice 1, u better have a copywrite for your stuff before people like me start stealing them.

pooja said...

thanks Raj, ritu k and Sushi :)

Relationship Counsellor said...

Nice wordings, seem to be right from the heart and soothe the reader all the way !!

Relationship Counsellor said...
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