Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not a Post !

Today, I was just going through the little pieces of work in my blog. I began to think why I have not been able to write much off late.

A little bit of introspection helped. I realized that whenever I created a thought to write- the end user (reader)  was always in my mind. The reader in this case- was a reflection of who I was as a person- a fabric of pessimism, complacency, and an ardent fan of the depth of sorrow! 

A quick calculation showed me more than 95% of my posts belonged to this category. I belonged there few months back - from coffee table conversations to chit chat in local trains- it was always about “a crib “. And trust me – this SELLS. No wonder people liked my work …its easier for them to associate with.

Off late, life is changing …changing for good! A journey has started from a cynic to a believer.  From a person who constantly had reasons to whine to a person with reasons to smile ! The probability equations of life are slowly changing. I am choosing to choose my sunshine.From now on , I may not give you a good read- my market segment is changing !

This certainly is not my blog post today, but a conversation with myself about those things in life which I once thought were “so-not-me”. I still can’t put few thoughts here – because the thoughts I carry today will sound like gyaan …you are better off with self-help books in that case. My USP is gone , and I am glad about it . I declare to choose my new  fabrics now J

This is a mere change of reflection when I looked into my blog today - which I want to capture forever … in my blogosphere as  my bookmark! 


Neha Shandilya said...

Having faith is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Its great that you have started believing. :)

Raj said...

buddhu. this is your personal space. u r allowed to be anything and everything here :)